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Chad Smith writes...

After months of protesting, writing letters, sending e-mails, and even attempted phone calls, I don't think there is anything else I can do to save Young Justice. I just have one question; was this the plan from the beginning, or did something happen that is forcing this show to be cancelled?

I highly doubt that this question will actually be addressed, as the one and only constant that I've experienced after pledging 20+ years of my life being a devoted fan, is that my loyalty is never rewarded. The day the plug is actually pulled, and no more production is made to this show, is the day I officially hang up the boots, and just stop supporting this company.

Greg responds...

We didn't plan to cancel the series, of course. But we were prepared at the end of each season for it to be the last.

And, I'm not sure which company you're referring to, but I wouldn't hang those boots up just yet. BEWARE THE BATMAN is very cool. You should check it out. (And that's just one example.)

Response recorded on August 28, 2013