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Al writes...

I'd just like to say that my favorite "running-gag" (as it wer) of Young Justice is the fake-killing of Artemis every few episodes. I look forward to it, actually.
Most of the time if I didn't know logically in my mind that it wouldn't be allowed by the censors, I'd hope it was for real this time.
The reason I love seeing her die so much is because I REALLY hate this charactor, but I can't put my finger on why.
It has nothing to do with the way you write her. In fact, I think her lines are usually the best in the episodes she's in. Her back story is one of the most interesting. She can hold her own in a fight with no powers, which is what I usually love in a hero.
I used to think the only reason I hate her is because her being with Wally seems to threghten the existance of Wally's twins and her and Icicle, Jr.'s baby.
But I don't think that's why, exactly.

Do you ever just love to hate something for no reason?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on August 28, 2013