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Mark writes...

Not much of a question but a comment.

I find some of your responses to be highly condescending, being called "Ask Greg" leaves yourself open to a multitude of questions being answered - yes people should be very aware of your rules and they should be respected, but I believe the questions that get through your moderators and you feel you can't answer adequately should just be ignored rather than given a snarky remark.

I respect your work and the shows you make have brought many people joy, but sarcastic comments like "aren't you glad you asked" following you belittling someones curiosity is rude. Some of these questions are being asked by young children and while I do believe that your time is valuable, I think you're wasting more of it by being, for a lack of a better word, a "jerk".

Again your rules are clearly stated and should be adhered to, but be the bigger person and be cordial - some don't believe that they're "breaking the rules/guidelines" (some may, but putting intent behind action that you understand is immature) so I believe that each person deserves some of the comments you give, maybe you're being frank, but frankly I read it as being annoyed and insensitive.

tl;dr - You deserve respect, but so do the readers/fans of "Ask Greg". Great shows and great work.

Greg responds...

Mark, you have a VERY good point. And I will strive to be more patient.

But, dude, it's REALLY hard sometimes. REALLY hard.

For example, I had a knee-jerk negative reaction to your comment, because it still smacks of entitlement to me. That somehow just because they post something here, fans have a right to my patience. As opposed to the reverse notion, which is no one MADE them post here, and posting opens THEM up to whatever response they get.

But I made an effort to step back, and I do see that you're basically right.

So I'll try to do better. The negativity and snark may sneak out sometimes, but I will make an effort. And the occasional reminder to keep me honest is a good thing.

(Of course, the fact that I know CERTAIN fans LIKE my snarky responses doesn't help. Still, I shouldn't be playing to THAT audience, I know.)

Response recorded on August 29, 2013