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Bill writes...

1) Did you have any unused story arcs for the tie-in comic that involved the Justice Society of America or the All-Star Squadron?

2) On May 5th, 2012, you revealed there was at least 7 major characters that the staff wanted to add to Season 2 but there just wasn't any room for them and they were saved for the comic book and/or a potential Season 3. Did any of these 7 appear between Issue #16 Common Denominators and Issue #25 Players Part 6?

3) If the answer to 2) is yes, who were they?

4) On July 18, 2012, you hinted a Wildstorm character was included in a 'stealth way.' Was this in Young Justice season one or in season two?

5) Young Justice had 179 name characters in season one and 145 in season two. Could you please post this list of name characters in a series of Ask Greg rambles (for example 1-50 in one post, 51-100 in a second post and so on)?

Greg responds...

1. I have unused stories for just about everything.

2. Can you link me to that 'reveal'? Was I saying seven total or seven in addition to what you saw? Do you have candidates from those issues of the comic or are you just trying to get answers without having to read them? Three of the characters we had wanted to include but could not - and which I've already revealed - were Troia, Lieutenant Marvel and Sergeant Marvel.

3. I don't think the answer is yes. But my memory isn't what it used to be.

4. One.

5. Maybe, if the mood strikes. It doesn't at this moment.

Response recorded on September 03, 2013