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RC writes...

GREG!!! YOU OUT DID YOURSELF WITH YOUR SEASON FINALE FOR INVASION!!! But Seriously, WALLY? Why him? And the way you ended things off this season, Apokolips, Darkseid, I mean, there's no way that you guys can pull the plug on this show now you realize that right? Fans will petition and write and demand for more YJ, especially now that Darkseid has been shown to be in the picture. Cause if Vandal is looking for payback then bringing down Darkseid on the Earth is sure as heck the best way I can think of.

Please tell us there will be more!!! I don't care if I have to wait till next year to watch more, please tell me that there's still more to come!!!!

Greg responds...

Well, there's Young Justice Legacy still to come. And the best way to get more YJ is to support that.

But I'm glad that the first post here at ASK GREG about "Endgame" was a positive one. That's a relief. (Or perhaps, merely a small mercy. Either way, I'll take it.)

Response recorded on September 24, 2013