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Anonymous writes...

I just finished watching "Endgame" and, as expected, it was golden. It's too bad Cartoon Network/DC didn't request more episodes so that concepts such as Tim/Cassie or Static or the whole...you know...Darkseid-Light plot.

Anyway, I was wondering. Obviously you had plans for a third season, but can DC allow you to at least release your plans for the show?

If not, I wish you good luck in whatever projects you do next. I hear you're writing novels soon. At least you can write whatever you want in them, from Shakespearean references to Xanatosian plots, and they won't be cancelled by higher powers.

Greg responds...

As always, I have hopes of revisiting these characters someday, so no one is preventing me from releasing my plans but me.

I'm very hopeful about the novels. The first two will definitely be published, but whether we see the third book in the RAIN OF THE GHOSTS series will totally depend on sales of the first two.

Which, at least, is a pretty straight-forward uncomplicated criteria.

Response recorded on September 30, 2013