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Tupka writes...

I've had this question since shortly after "Beneath" aired, but decided to wait for the last episode to air to see if it was ever addressed in the show.

In "Beneath", Nightwing shows a map of Bialya, which is the shapes of Bialya and Qurac combined. It also has a different flag from the one in "Image". This lead us on the wiki to conclude Qurac was swallowed up, but you corrected us on the wiki, saying the holoscreen was a mistake. We never pressed the issue any further, but it made me wonder.

For such an error to be made, there had to have been artwork, of the combined map and flag. Since no such artwork was ever used again on the show and Qurac and Bialya were never explicitly stated to have been merged, I must ask... why did that particular design exist? Was it a doodle, or an abandoned concept, or did whoever put it in there draw it himself?

Greg responds...

I honestly have no idea. Seriously, it's a mystery to me. Someone must have gone to the trouble to make that, but I can't imagine who, and I'm certain that neither myself nor Brandon would have ASKED for that. There was definitely nothing in the script.

I can only assume - as with the Red Tornado history in Season One - that someone thought they were being helpful when they very much were not.

Of course, neither Brandon nor I noticed the error until you guys pointed it out on the Wiki, and ultimately we're in charge and must take the blame. In hindsight, maybe I should have pretended it wasn't an error and run with it. But I didn't.

Response recorded on October 04, 2013