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EXALT writes...

Some questions about the designations you revealed during the Worldsfinest's interview...
1)There were two designations of the JL whice were labeled as SPOILER REQUEST: did the two unknown Leaguers appear anywhere (a yes or a no will be sufficient, I'm not asking their names)?
2)This is more of a formality: is Static B26?
3)The designations B14 and B15 were given to Liutenant Marvel and Sergeant Marvel, which I guess were the Mary Bromfield and the Freddy Freeman of Earth-16. But none of the two has had (for what I recall) those names in the comics, so: which one of the two is Sergeant and which one is Liutenant?

Greg responds...


2. Yes.

3. Freddy is Lieutenant. Mary is Sergeant. (That's a spoiler, of course. But I feel like I've already revealed it. If I haven't, well... BONUS FOR YOU!)

Response recorded on October 08, 2013