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Kayla writes...

Hi Greg,
After finally watching the season 2 finale, I must congratulate you and thank you. Thank you so much. At the end of an emotionally draining week I could always look forward to Young Justice. It's absolutely heart-breaking to know that the show that has kept me going for so long has ended. And what a note it ended on.
Wally was always my favourite character. Every episode in season 2 I hoped that Wally would re appear. And you should have seen my face when he did. So I must thank you for adding him as he has become one of my greatest inspirations. Thank you, Greg, for all the amazing characters you have brought to life. Thank you for the amazing story-telling and the incredible times in Young Justice.
I must say, you know how to make a 13 year old fangirl break down into tears for about two hours. Hands down to you and the crew for that feat.
Greg, I know the answer will probably be met with a SPOILER REQUEST, NO COMMENT or whatever you decide to write down, but I must ask. I hope that my questions will be answered.

1. Was Wally actually ever in Bart Allen's timeline? I mean, was he alive?
2. Do you think that Artemis would move out of Palo Alto? And what about her college life?
3. This is hard for me, but what exactly happened to Wally? Was it a proper death?... I mean, he just sort of... dissolved.

I'm very sorry if I breach the question thingie of SPOILER REQUEST, NO COMMENT. I know you are probably aware, but many fans are working hard to try and bring back the show. It's a big part of our lives and I know I'm not ready to let it go. Not yet. Especially not on this note.
Kudos to you, the crew and everyone who has worked so hard on this show. Major kudos for the voice actors who have voiced so well. I don't believe you get as much love as you deserve, so here I am, saying thank you. Thank you Mr Weisman. You and your show got me through some tough times. (Yikes, that sounded more corny than some of Wally's pick up lines.)

Greg responds...

1. If you mean had he existed, than yes. If you're asking whether or not he was still alive by the time Bart was born, then that's a SPOILER REQUEST.



Thank you. I'll take corny anytime.

Response recorded on October 08, 2013