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J writes...

With the (very sad) ending of Young Justice, I'd like to give some (hopefully constructive!) criticism.

I dropped out of the show in the beginning ("Beneath" was the last episode I watched) of season two for various reasons, the first being the way Megan and Raquel were handled in the show.

Megan's plotline this season would have been much better if you hadn't shown it through flashbacks. This is one of the reasons I so disliked the time skip. I don't want to be told things happened (via flashback, in my opinion, still counts). I would have preferred it if we were shown her change over the course of a season, and THEN this plotline happened.

Also, Raquel. We had her introduced in the finale of the last season, and I was looking forward to seeing her integrate with the team...cut to her with the League. What? I wanted to see her working in and with the Team, making friendships! Even Billy got more focus than her, and that bugged me.

The time skip is also something that I don't think worked. I would have preferred seeing the characters make these choices, rather than finding out after the fact. The main six stopped feeling like the people I originally tuned in to watch, and I didn't like that feeling.

On a final note, the reason "Beneath" finally had me turning off the show is that I never felt like our heroes ACTUALLY WON. They'd have minor victories, sure, but they'd always have been *distracted* or *on the wrong track* for the Light's *real* plot- it drove me nuts.

Now, this is your show! And you can totally roll your eyes at me for missing the point, especially since I didn't see the season through (also, I did hear that a bunch of really nifty things happened throughout the season, so, y'know, joke's on me). But this is just meant to be used for future reference or, hopeffully, if the fan petitions actually go through and CN greenlights a third season.

Greg responds...

I don't know what flashbacks you're referring to. In fact, I can't think of one. (Am I spacing here?)

And, of course, you're entitled to your opinion, but I don't suppose it will surprise you to read that I disagree.

I like Raquel too, and I wish we had had more screen time for her. But she was never a lead, and we never promised she'd be one. And I think we respected her journey by having her join the League.

The time skip was never going to thrill everyone, I know. But it was important thematically to the kind of story that we were telling. And I think the fan response overall - once the first few episodes played out, pretty much justifies our decision - assuming we needed justification.

As to the notion that they never "WON". Well, I'll say they won as often in Season Two as they did in Season One. And they certainly "won" in the end. At a great cost and with loose ends, but there's no way that doesn't count as a win.

A little patience might have helped, but if you're just not enjoying the show, then I understand why you stopped watching.

So, I appreciate the constructive criticism, honestly. Particularly, the respectful way that you presented it. But, it wouldn't change our plans any. We have to tell the stories that fire our imaginations and work with what we want to accomplish.

Response recorded on October 09, 2013