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Haley writes...

Dear Greg,

I held off on posting this until I was feeling a little more rational post-Endgame. Didn't want to risk posting some kind of knee-jerk reaction and coming across as a crazy person ;o)

You've said that Young Justice was all about secrets and lies and about young heroes growing up. Well, to me Young Justice was about friendship and family. Season 1 especially was amazing in that respect, because there were only six team members to focus on and that left enough room for character development. You really made us care about these characters and I loved watching them grow from a rather disorganized, squabbling group of sidekicks to a well-oiled machine that could be considered a family.

The time skip in season 2 was a shock to me (and boy, did I lament the loss of my perfect season 1 team!), but I stuck with it in hopes of Wally eventually returning to the team and of getting some nice Dick/Wally friendship moments, as their friendship has always been my primary reason for watching the show. It's why I bought all the companion comics and am still planning on buying Legacy when it comes out; anything to get another glimpse of the Dick/Wally friendship. I was extremely happy with Summit because Wally was back! And he was fighting alongside Dick! Oh, how I'd missed seeing that! Seriously, I would've been perfectly happy if the season had ended there.

But then Endgame happened. And I was just so terribly shocked and disappointed with the events of that episode. To me it felt rushed, but I know you did the best you could wrapping up such an epic story in only a few episodes. Also, why were there 21 of those Reach thingies if just one would've apparently been enough to destroy the world? But what got to me most of all was, of course, Wally's death. It was so shocking that it's…kind of ruined the entire show for me :o(

I understand that you can't make everyone happy (though I'm convinced everyone would've been happy if you hadn't killed off Wally) and you and Brandon probably felt you had good reasons for ending Wally, but with one of my favorite characters presumed dead and the other taking a leave of absence (which I'm taking to mean that we would have scarcely seen him in future episodes), my reasons for watching Young Justice are gone. I'm loyal to the characters of a show, not to the show itself; taking away my favorite characters means losing me as a viewer.

I hope I'm not coming across as someone going, "Bring back Wally in season 3 or I'll stop watching!", because that's not what I'm trying to say at all. It's your show, you've built this world and these amazing characters and you're free to do with them as you see fit (well, for the most part) and I'm sure a lot of people would still enjoy the continuing adventures of the Team if there ever is a season 3. But with the characters I was most invested in gone, the show's just not for me anymore.

It's okay though, I know it's "just" a cartoon (even if it was one I was incredibly invested in) and I'll no doubt find something else that'll catch my interest; I'm just sad that Wally's death left such a bad taste in my mouth that it's kind of tainted the entire series for me.

Anyway, regardless of whether or not you'd planned on bringing Wally back (did you?), I'm just going to stubbornly believe that he's still alive and that Dick's going to use his leave of absence to find him and figure out how to get him back. Yep, that'll be my head canon.

Best of luck with future endeavors! I hope you'll get another chance to play in the DC sandbox :o)

Greg responds...

Well, I would hope Wally's death wouldn't leave a "bad" taste in your mouth. Not that I expect you to be happy about it, but I hope you felt that Wally went out heroically and nobly.

Response recorded on October 09, 2013