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Cowboy_Garlicbreath writes...


I loved the show; thanks to all of you for doing a great job- I'm going to miss it(and GL)allot.

1. Do you have any irons in the fire for any more older-audience DC superhero animated shows,like GL and/or YJ?

2.How do you deal with the fan-crazy and headcanonry without popping a blood vessel in your brain? I admire your tolerance, sir!

To the next project(raises glass)!

Greg responds...

1. Not me. (Though I did write one episode of Beware the Batman.) Not that I wouldn't love to, but it's not my sandbox and no one at DC or WB seems too interested in having me work on these characters right now.

2. I do pop the occasional vessel, but mostly it's rewarding and worth the time.

Response recorded on October 09, 2013