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csg writes...

Thanks for the amazing show, Greg! You and your team are awesome!

- Why didn't Jay Garrick show up in the end to help Barry and Bart?

Let's imagine that even the kinetic energy from Jay, Barry and Bart wasn't enough, so Wally would have to help anyway. So, for only Wally to get hit by the beams, Wally would have to be slower than Jay too, and the audience would be like "Come on, even the 90-year-old guy can dodge the beams, and Wally can't?" (I personally wouldn't have a problem with Jay being faster, because he is my favorite Flash) That's the sole reason why you didn't include Jay in that scene? I personally think you should have done it anyway, if only for the sake of reuniting the Flash Family one last time. But it's your show, so it's your decision.

Greg responds...

Wally's faster than Jay. By a little, at least.

But Jay didn't get there because there wasn't time. Wally was in the Watchtower, so his journey was Zeta-Tube to nearest Zeta-Tube and then a sprint to the Magnetic North Pole.

Jay's journey - assuming he thought to attempt it (and I'm not sure he even knew what was going on) - would have been a sprint from wherever he was deployed to the nearest Zeta-Tube, a Zeta-Tube ride to the nearest Zeta-Tube to Magnetic North and then another sprint. It was all probably over by then.

Response recorded on October 09, 2013