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A Flash Fan writes...

Hey Greg,

Sorry it's me again so quickly...I just remembered two things I wanted to bring up.

1. I've heard that Dubbilex was/is a DNAlien. Not exactly sure what that means since from what I've looked at your work you've said he is a G-Gobin/genomorph and was created by Cadmus. I just wanted to see if you could set it straight for me, what exactly is he? Also, I apologize if this is a spoiler, if you will have answered this by the time you get to my post, or it just pops up...but why did you not include him and the genomorphs in the second season? What happened to them? We saw some of them lying on the ground at the end of Season 1, and Guardian/Jim Harper is around, but nothing else. I know you don't like to give full out stories here but could you please say something regarding this, because I have seen nothing about them. I was expecting them to maybe come out, help the Team and League and maybe get the respect they were hoping for, but I don't know...

2. By now it will have been a while, but remember when I asked if you'd let Khary Payton/Aqualad say "BOOYAH!" for old time's sake and you said it was a spoiler. Well, now the season is over (again I hope the show comes back soon) and we didn't here it. I wanted to let you know though that I had another side trip or dream and I thought I actually saw Aqualad in the show say "BOOYAH!" It wasn't like in Teen Titans, but it was like he just beat up one of the bad guys (I don't know who) and he looked down on them like he looked down on Black Manta in "Summit" and said "Booyah" in that cool tone like he when he talked to his unconscious father. Then I snapped back to our reality and I was like, "Did it happen? I thought Greg wasn't going to do it, but he did! YES! BOOYAH!" And of course, then I saw it wasn't true and was :(

Oh well...Did you consider doing it at anytime in the production? If yes or no why did you not do it?

Thanks Greg.

Greg responds...

1. In our series, he's a genomorph.

1a. There's a lot of things we'd have loved to include in Season Two had there been more time.

2. No. It doesn't fit Aqualad's character. I'm all for fan-service, but it has to make sense.

Response recorded on October 10, 2013