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Jasser writes...

Oh dear, so many people impulsively asking why wally had to die and future spoilers, you are in for hell (or maybe your moderators and lots and lots of copy paste.

Anyways, now that its confirmed the light has also played with Darksied..

1. Was he(and Apocalypse) the partner referred to back in Bereft? Since we now know the reach were not drawn to earth until after the season finally.

2. The Reach themselves call black beetle...black beetle. Is this the official way to designate each scarab? Did they adopt the name from Wonder Girl?

3. Why hadn't you addressed the reach Apocalypse still being a success after Bart left?

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. Think of it as a translation.

3. I'm not clear on what you're asking here. But if what you're implying is that after Nate's clothes changed in the future, why had the Reach apocalypse still taken place, the answer is - it hadn't. Nate assumed it had because Mount Justice was still in ruins. But you know why Mount Justice is in ruins. It's a subtle thing, but the ash rain that was falling before Bart left, has stopped after.

Response recorded on October 10, 2013