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Maria writes...

Greg, wow if you really are reading this I hope you know I appreciate your work. I am not familair with the Gargoyles or anything, I am a fan of Young Justice. You see, my best friend and I are hooked on to it and we rescently saw the finale. We are broken. Yes you know it's because of Wally. No I am not asking for spoilers or for you to change the story line. I just want a yes or no answer if you could or at least put my mind at rest. Wally didn't die did he, not really. He simply disappeared and I don't think he died. If he did die then I'll accept it with understanding. But at the end of the episode it was implied more. And I think Wally will come back. I really do think so. I know cartoon network won't take another season but I know what's it like to have a story line of your own, I am an aspiring author. I know you won't leave this like that, so full of what nots but greg if you do plan to continue it or of you dont I beg of you that you come clear to us someday because what kills me the most is not knowing. Maybe you'll never confirm it or never read this and I'll go on thinking about this without being certain. Did he die? I don't care if you say yes or no, just a hint at what's going on. I probably seem a little needy but in some ways I am, the chacracters you created have such a hold on my heart its amazing. I bow my hat to you greg you've made an amaing thing here and I hope you might forgive me prying. Thank you for your work.

Greg responds...

I don't know why people keep thinking I won't even READ their comments. Unless they've broken major rules, I read everything (eventually).

And thank you for your kind words.

But, I'm sorry I won't give you a hint for reasons I've already laid out. If you haven't read why already, please check the archives.

Response recorded on October 10, 2013