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ND12 writes...

To Mr. Weisman

That was so not cool. You literally ripped my heart out of my body with Wally's death. I really hope that you meant Wally to come back in season 3. For one thing, the reaction to his death was extremely disappointing. Outside of Artemis, Bart, and Nightwing, we did not see a single person mourn for Wally. Not even his original team mates like Superboy and Miss Martian. Even Artemis' fake death had more mourning than Wally. The death was also extremely rushed. I would like to think that if a character as popular as Wally was being killed off, then there would be more of a reaction and more time was dedicated to it. Also, it was unbelievably tragic. Of all the romantic relationships on the show, the one between Artemis and Wally was the only one that felt authentic and sweet. Plus, the way it was set up in season 1, it felt that it was something that you set up for long term with the spitfire symbolic parallel with Kent Nelson and Insa. What's the point if you spend an entire season developing a relationship only to end it tragically in the next season without even showing much of the relationship on screen. It's even more painful when you see that all other relationships have either been repaired or newly formed while Artemis is left heartbroken. That along with the fact that Wally's parents lost their only son. Also, this was the only place where Wally existed since he is not in the comics currently. But I take encouragement in the fact there is no body and in comic/cartoon world, no body means alive.

Now that my sorrowful rant over the season finale is over, I would like to congratulate you for two seasons of great animation. After JL/JLU, this was the first cartoon of excellent standard of storytelling and animation. I really hope there is some way that season 3 can be made and you can resurrect Wally and reunite him with Artemis as well as continue the incomplete Apocalypse storyline.

Finally, if there is no chance of season 3 happening, can you divulge what you were planning for season 3. Would there be another time jump? Would Wally and Nightwing return?...

Greg responds...

Well, I think the notion that you didn't see his other teammates mourn is patently ridiculous. You saw their reactions in the moment. Then we skipped weeks ahead, and everyone was still feeling the effect of Wally's death. The fact that we FOCUSED on the three characters closest to Wally (Artemis, Bart, Dick) doesn't imply that the others didn't care.

Otherwise, most of this is ASKED AND ANSWERED.

Response recorded on October 10, 2013