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Anonymous writes...

Wow This season was great! You and the team should be proud of you hard work it really paid off! I will dearly miss YJ it would always cheer me up when I had a bad day, I would pretend the team was there and they'd cheer me up, or they would come to school with me and help me through. I am not the only one that does this many people do, I even pretend I am on the team and we did missions together, to me the characters are real. I cried so much when reality hit me that the show is over, I cried a lot when Wally died too, but I know a lot of people asked you if he is dead and if there will be a third season so I wont ask that, instead I will thank you for this Wonderfully Amazing show, watching the team grow, listening to Dick say silly things like Aster and Whelmed, or Megan say Hello Megan, Gar say Noted or Bart say Mode and Crash etc. I know one day the show will come back because with fans like this nothing can keep us from a show like this!!! I will be waiting for the day this show comes back and I will one day show my kids this show. Thank you for taking the time to read this and create the BEST SHOW EVER!! We will keep fighting for the show to come back one day!!! The fans will never forget Young Justice!

Greg responds...

Thank you very much!!

Response recorded on October 10, 2013