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Thanksalot writes...

Well, since Young Justice just finished its run, I thought I might as well say a huge thank you.
I've been a fan of your work ever since I caught a WITCH episode, and unfortunately around the time Spectacular Spiderman was airing I was at that "I'm too old for cartoons" stage of life. Thank God I got over that, and with a little internet magic I was able to watch Gargoyles, Spec, and learn about Young Justice. I enjoyed the characters, plotlines, art, fight scenes, acting,basically everything (aside from few complaints here and there, but nothing too major).
Most of all, I enjoyed that it remembered it was a cartoon and not a comic. When Wally died, I was able to actually feel sad rather than groan and think "oh great, now I have to wait until he's retconned back into existence". If you get a lot of hate mail for that, don't worry. He's a popular character who recently got poorly handled in the comicverse, so people tend to be overprotective. Personally, I think him going to speedster Valhalla or the like is way more fitting than wiping out the whole of his heroic career.
So thanks to you and the entire Young Justice team for putting some serious effort into this show. It was much appreciated.
And since I feel obligated to ask a question, the finale aired on March 16th. How did you manage that?

Greg responds...

Heh heh heh.

Response recorded on October 10, 2013