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Anonymous writes...

First of all, I would like to say thank you for such a quality show! It's given me new hope for this age of television, though its cancellation has dampered that a bit. But I still have faith that it will be renewed someday, hopefully sooner than later. Anyway, here are a few questions on my mind.
1. I know you don't want me asking how long the planned time skip for season three was, but I am curious if there's any hope for a shorter time skip than before. So instead, my question is, is there any hope that the time skip this time around could be a matter of months? Or is it more your style to plan longer time skips? I felt the first time skip was natural, as I already knew the characters well (aside from maybe Rocket) and I welcomed a mostly new cast. However, I now feel that with the time constraints and more plot-based story, I'm still just getting to know these characters, and would like to keep getting to know them as they are. All the same, I trust your decision-making and would look forward to whatever you and Brandon cook up.
2. If you were to get another season, would it be like season two, a more plot-driven season, or would it return to being a character-driven story? Would a character-driven season even work, given the amount of characters now on the Team? And also, would the amount of episodes given make a difference in your decision in this matter?
3. What scene do you most regret not being able to include in/before the finale? (Un-moded Jaime reuniting with Tye/his family, Artemis reuniting with Paula, more of Red Arrow and/or Cheshire and Lian, more of the runaways, just to give a few possible examples)
Thank you for your time, and just know that I'm so honored to be a fan of your brillant show! May things go well with your future endeavors.

Greg responds...


2. The amount of episodes ordered would indeed make a difference in what and how much we would attempt cover, among many other decisions.

3. Too many to count.

Response recorded on October 10, 2013