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Ali writes...

First off, I love Young Justice. Thanks for making such a great show!

My question is about the Light, Reach and Bart's future. It was made pretty clear in Summit and Endgame that the Light planned to betray the Reach. They seem to have planned out all contingencies and have an even bigger masterplan involving Darkseid - basically they knew what they were getting into. So what happened in Bart's future? Bart always referred to it as the "Reach Apocalypse" and the Reach/Blue Beetle were obviously in charge - it seemed as though the Light didn't intend for the Reach to actually conquer Earth in their masterplan, so what went wrong? It just seems weird to me that the big baddies who seem to have endless schemes, tricks and Xanatos gambits could have got it so wrong.

Greg responds...

Nobody's perfect.

Response recorded on October 11, 2013