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James G. writes...

I know this is not a question but I would just like to thank you. To everyone who worked on Young Justice, from the writers, the composers to the voice actors and to you and Brandon. Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful story to follow, and making it an experience of a lifetime.
Never before has a show captured my imagination, nor the characters seemed so real as Young Justice has. The experience of watching these characters grow, coupled with the amazing acting and art design (as well as suffering through the hiatus to see them all again) was one of the best times i have ever had watching a show. And I never felt anything was dumbed down for understanding, easy enough if you have watched the episodes leading up to the current but with an extra layer of depth for those who could read into the dialogue and scenes to find parallels drawn throughout the series, or understood some subtle hints to character's stories in the comics. I for one thought the scene where The Team came down to meet the Justice League after they had arrived back on Earth was immensely powerful because of the fact the opposite had happened in the pilot episode of both season 1 and season 2. Fantastic job.
The characters in themselves felt real, and I could see many of the social situations the teens went through happening in real life (and in some cases I have seen said situation happen.) Before I had watched this show, sure I had always loved the DC universe, and yes i had watched previous DC shows (Batman:TAS, Justice League, the list goes on)but I had never been struck by a character in a way that I said, you know what I am going to look up more about Artemis, or T.O. Morrow, or Sportsmaster. Even previous characters that I have seen done on animated shows never felt old, each character in Young Justice felt like a fresh take, one I could like.
Props on you and everyone that worked on this show. You have created a world in which my favorite super heroes live, and in doing so have become my hero. Thank you.

Greg responds...

Thank YOU. It was a great experience, and we're glad the show reached you in those ways!

Response recorded on October 14, 2013