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Mirami writes...

I see that the queue is very cluttered with fan rambles that are either pissed off about his fate or begging you to tell them that he isn't dead/will be brought back in season 3.

Personally, I will choose not to ask anything pertaining to Wally. I have faith that you, Brandon and the rest of your crew had your reasons for doing what you did and that you guys know where you're headed with this. So instead, I'll focus my efforts on trying to get to that Season 3 so we can see for ourseleves what happens next. :)

Moving on, you had given a list of the designations in your interview with World's Finest Online right before the finale and there were seven "SPOILER REQUESTS" which I figured meant that we would been seeing these characters in "Endgame."

Based on who we saw in the episode, I'd wager that as of the 20th of June, Tempest and Blue Devil were the unknown Leaguers, and Virge, Ed, Sam and Tye were the four unknown guest designations. Then by the 4th of July, Virgil gained a Team designation upon becoming Static.

Could you either confirm or correct this?

And last but certainly not least, thanks to all of you guys for writing all of these characters and stories that matter so much. I really hope that we can get not just a third season, but a fourth and a fifth, too, while we're at it.

Greg responds...

I could confirm or correct, but I won't.

Response recorded on October 11, 2013