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Liam writes...

Hi Greg,

I do have a few questions, but before I ask them, I just want to thank you and everyone who worked on the show.

The entire run of Young Justice was flat-out amazing, and had everything from humour to sad moments to great action. The story hooked me and the characters were likable but flawed, making them relatable...there are so many more things I could say about how great the show was. I have to go buy the DVDs soon, so I can always have the show and the memories it has given me.

As for the questions I had, they are:

1. When you look back on making Young Justice, is there anything you are most proud of?
2. This sounds a bit odd, but if the original members of The Team could break the fourth wall and tell their viewers one last thing; what do you think would each say after the finale? (Though I really hope the series can continue with another season, movie, comic or something...)

Thank you for your time and creating such an emotional and great series!

Greg responds...

1. There's a TON I'm proud of. I don't know if anything specifically qualifies for "most proud".

2. I'll leave such hypotheticals to your imagination.

Response recorded on October 11, 2013