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Anon writes...

First off, thank you for making my Saturday mornings something to look forward to and meaningful to me.


1. In Endgame, after Wally gave his life to help Barry and Bart, the Team shows up to greet the remaining leaguers, with Aqualad standing on the front of the super cycle. Were they informed of Aqualad being a traitor before returning the Earth off screen, did Nightwing tell Batman before he left for Rimbor, or were they all surprised to see him there?

2. Did Batman want Captain Atom to be take over as the leader of the League before that title was given to Black Canary or was it decided that each leaguer could only be the leader for a set amount of years?

3. After production on Young Justice ended and the show was not renewed, were the crew members of the show moved to different projects or left out of work?

4. Was there an official reason for why Young Justice wasn't renewed for a season 3?

Greg responds...

1. I'm sure there was all sorts of surprise to go around.

2. I'm not clear on your question, but I think it's ASKED AND ANSWERED.

3. Some of each.

4. Not a single one, no.

Response recorded on October 11, 2013