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Brian writes...

Hi Greg,
First of all I really need to just say how impressed I was and still am with Young Justice. Everything about it was incredible. Cartoon Network, DC, and Warner Bros. should really consider reviving it, especially since in my opinion it was the best program on Cartoon Network and they are steadily losing many great shows.
I just have a couple of questions about the status of the Light at the end of Invasion.

The characters often refer to breaking the Light in half. I'm just wondering if you could explain what that means. We know that 2 members were captured and such, but is the Light still functioning as an organization?
When watching Endgame I got the impression that the remaining members were still working together based on both Vandal's message to Rimbor, G. Gordon nominating Lex for U.N. Secretary General, and the meeting on Apokolips at the end of the episode.

So I'm sorry for my ramble. But I guess my question is this. Is the Light still working together and functioning or did the Team suceed in completely breaking apart their alliance?

Thanks again for all you've done, I hope that eventually my favorite show will return.

Greg responds...

The Team and the League may have overestimated the damage they did to the Light, but that doesn't mean the damage wasn't substantial. Ra's was killed - at least for the time being. Black Manta and the Brain were captured. And the Light's plans were exposed.

Response recorded on October 11, 2013