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JSA Fan writes...

Hi again Greg. Apologies....I see most of my designation questions were asked before. So let me ask a couple of new ones.
As Team members have continued to join, have they all received (and in Static's case, will receive) hand-to-hand combat training? If so, is Black Canary still in charge of the training?
Though they are not Team members, will Tye, Asami and Eduardo continue to be trained in their abilities?
Does Arsenal keep in contact with Virgil, Tye, Asami, and Eduardo? Though he was kicked out of the Team, does Arsenal keep in touch with Artemis or other members? With Roy and Ollie?

Greg responds...

1. They have or will.

1a. She's still in charge, but much of the training is now handled by members of the Team, especially, believe it or not, Superboy.


3. Some.

3a. Some.

3b. Yes.

Response recorded on October 14, 2013