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Spencer Fenwrick-Wallace writes...

Hey Greg. First off, I want to thank you, the cast and crew for giving a great quality superhero show that hasn't been seen for the longest time and I hope Cartoon Network makes the right decision in renewing the series as well as Green Lantern. Now for the question:
Obviously during season 2, Dick & Wally's friendship had suffered during the invasion. Mostly with the latter not approving Nightwing's methods of obtaining information about the Light & the Reach. So between the time of Intervention & Endgame, were Dick & Wally able to reconcile their differences and renew their friendship? It wasn't stated within the show; even though both of them congratulated Aqualad for ending the Light-Reach alliance, there never seemed to be a moment where there was a heart-to-heart conversation between them with Wally reuniting with Artemis, which was great, and Nightwing giving leadership back to Kaldur.

Greg responds...

As I've stated - at this point - many times before, I don't actually think their friendship "suffered" as much as some people did. There's no doubt the ENTIRE situation was tense, and they argued. But they were NEVER NOT friends, and no reconciliation was necessary in my mind. No "renewal" was necessary. That's why we didn't dedicate any (precious, precious) screentime to it. It didn't seem necessary. Best friends fight sometimes. But they get over it fairly quickly, in my experience.

Response recorded on October 14, 2013