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JSA Fan writes...

Compliments on Endgame. The mixture of victory and happiness, regret and loss, and a hope for a better future, wrapped up Invasion, in my opinion, the perfect way.

Good to see the Reach, especially Black Beetle, get their comeuppance. But, of course, I was saddened by Wally's death. The passing of the Kid Flash torch from Wally to Bart really emphasized what I believe Young Justice is all about.

As Artemis said, there will always be a world to save in Earth-16. The responsibility will continue to be passed from one generation of heroes to the next, with sacrifices along the way. Not all heroes on Earth-16 will be lucky enough to leave the hero "gig" (as Black Lightning described it) alive; or without serious injury; or without losing a comrade, friend or family member. The current generation can only move ahead to do what must be done.

With your mention of a time skip for a third season, I am curious about the 10-30 years post Endgame. As a fan of Batman Beyond, the concept of an aging Bruce Wayne physically unable to continue with his mission interested me. I thought about how the DC heroes would deal with their gradual loss of strength and endurance, and their realization that their active role in the "gig" is nearing its end. That version of Bruce virtually isolated himself for decades. Whether or not you planned to tell stories this far in the future, did you ever consider what the current League and Team members' abilities would be like down the line? And how that would impact their personalities?

Thanks again to you, Brandon and everyone who brought this show to us. I look forward to Legacy and hope more Young Justice stories can be told.

Greg responds...

Brandon and I have a LOT of ideas for down the line. A LOT.

Response recorded on October 14, 2013