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Dan writes...

Hey Greg, Congrats on a completed second season. I'm on a friends computer and I'm running short on time so I'll get straight to the questions.

1. at the end of "end game" when impulse asks artemis if she will be tigress as a hero she responds she will be tigress as a blonde, Was there any deep meaning behind that? or was it more of a half hearted joke type remark? if that is a question that would warrant a "SPOILER REQUEST"

2. What made you choose Wally? Was it just on a whim? or was there a greater underlying theme?

3. what is Wally and artemis's puppys name?

Thanks Greg.

Greg responds...

1. Just a joke. (What other meaning did you have in mind?)


3. Bruce, I think.

Response recorded on October 15, 2013