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Just a guy writes...

Hi Greg

First of all thanks for giving us such a great and unique DC series after such a long time. Even though I was devastated by the finale, there is no doubt YJ was a great series and I really hope you get to make more of it(and hopefully Wally West gets to return from the dead). Actually YJ got me back into reading comics and watching cartoons after quite a along time and thanks for that.

Anyway I would like to ask you a different question. Do you have any plans of reusing the spitfire pairing in any of your foreseeable future projects. I hope you do because growing up Wally was my favorite dc character but his relation with Linda never intrigued me(plus it was the reporter superhero combo once again). The spitfire pairing was rather unique and I think the fans really loved it. I really hope you get to use it again given that the DC higher ups gets over their current Wallyphoebia.

Anyway best of luck for all your future endeavors.

Greg responds...

It's not up to me. I don't control the DC characters. Be happy to, though.

Response recorded on October 16, 2013