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HA765 writes...

I have to say I was quite disappointed with the season 2 finale and season 2 in general. I thought season 1 was outstanding. But season 2 was far too up and down to be particularly good. Also, I must say, as a major Wally fan I was extremely disappointed. You gave us so little of the character throughout season 2 and when you brought him back, you promptly killed him off. And that too because of the fact that he was too slow. Its almost as if you were saying that the character wasn't a good enough Flash and so you removed him from the show. Worst, we didn't even see the team members grieve. Not even some of his oldest friends. I thought it was poorly handled. A character like Wally deserved better. So what was the point of it? I know you say that you don't follow the new 52 but this seemed like you were trying to get to the new 52 Flash and Kid Flash with Barry and Bart. In my heart I hope that there would be a possibility of a Wally return because I find it hard to believe that Artemis, Wally's parents, and Barry would ever be able to move on from Wally's death. Anyways, even beside that I felt the finale was rushed. Black Beetle was defeated too easily for someone who was shown to be so powerful throughout the season. And his plot for destroying the earth came out of nowhere. I think a two episode finale would have handled both the Wally death and the final threat in a better manner.

Rant aside, I would like to like to congratulate you for your two seasons on this show. This is the only animated show that I have watched from the first episode to its current last episode live. Hopefully, somewhere down the line you will be able to make a season 3. If not, I hope you can share details on what you planned for season 3 because I know YJ buffs would love to know what you had in mind.

Greg responds...

I don't think we ever even implied that Wally/Kid Flash wasn't good enough. QUITE the reverse. Nightwing doesn't have super-strength, but that doesn't make him any less of a hero than Superboy. In fact, one could argue it makes him MORE of a hero. So the fact that Kid Flash isn't as fast as Barry or Bart hardly makes him any less the hero.

Having said that, if you didn't like the season or the season finale, then I'm sorry about that. You wanted a two-part finale, but where would that second part have come from? Which episode would you cut for that? (Maybe you could name one, but not one that Brandon and I would agree to cut.)

There's no doubt that we'd have ALL liked more screen time for the finale, for Wally, for grieving, for everything. But we did the best we could with what we had. And I don't have any regrets. Wouldn't do anything different.

Response recorded on October 16, 2013