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A Flash Fan writes...

Hi Greg,

Sorry I repeated the number 3 on my last post...

I had a few other questions regarding the 21st MFD...

1. The location was the Arctic. Was this in some way to mirror the events of Failsafe and how there Artemis "died" but in Endgame Wally "ceased"?

2. How close or far was Superman's Fortress of Solitude from the location of the chrysalis?

3. There are no Zeta in the Arctic so where did Wally Zeta to and how long did it take him to reach Barry and Bart?

4. Has the Light always looking for the death of a Flash? I ask because I think it seemed it was their goal with Neutron and Lex probably knew his theory to destroy the MFD would kill a Flash.

Thank you...

Greg responds...

1. It was Earth's magnetic north pole specifically. If you see parallels, well... who am I to say they aren't there?

2. Further than the human eye can see. But it was really close to Santa's Village. ;)

3. He zeta'd to the farthest north tube on Earth that the League has and ran straight from there.

4. The Light wasn't behind Neutron. The Reach was. I do think the Reach viewed Flash as a particular threat, relative to the Leaguers who were still on Earth at that time.

Response recorded on October 17, 2013