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Anonymous writes...

I support this show 100%, I woke up every Saturday and watched every episode of season 2 and then bought them all on iTunes, but I must say it was quite disappointing in terms of character development. I know you've said season 2 was a story driven season as opposed to season 1, but I mean I expected a few things to be addressed. In True Colors, I expected since Robin was leading the team we would get some insight into why he is so insecure about leading and maybe go into Jason Todd's death and it's impact on the Bat Family. But no, he only leads for a few minutes and then we move right along into the Green Beetle storyline. When Artemis and Miss Martian were fixing Aqualad's mind, I expected we would maybe get a flashback on Tula's death and its impact. But no, we cut away for an episode and then all of a sudden we come back and he's cured.
My question is, were those things originally supposed to be developed and then had to be cut to fit in 20 episodes, or did you only care about the story to be told (which was still great and far superior to many other shows getting renewed)

Greg responds...

We did what we wanted to do in the time allotted. Had we had more time and episodes there's no doubt that you would have had more detail on all sorts of things. (Though I can't guarantee our priorities would have matched up with yours.)

Response recorded on November 13, 2013