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Sean writes...

Okay so I'll start off with the Summit. When the ambassdador asked where the other members of the light were, ra's replied that their more public members were doing damage control on the reach's reputation. So that clearly means luthor and queen bee, but what about klarion? Now to me he dosnet really fall into the category of a "public member" or "damage control", so why didnt ra's give him an excuse? Was it

A. The Reach had no prior knowledge of klarion?
B. The Reach did know about klarion and were famailar enough with him to know that him showing up at the summit would depend if he felt like it?
Or C. The Reach are uninterested in what klarion does because he only creates chaos, whereas the reach want control?

Now on the topic of klarion(who is a great character) what is his relationship with vandel? It seems to me out of all the members of the light, klarion respects vandel the most or at least to whatever extent he is capable of respect, seeing as how he saved only vandel at the summit and has worked well with him the past. Giving that vandel has been around for 50k years, im guessing he may have met klarion at one point. Now i know you dont tell stories here, but i would to know if my theory is correct.

Final question did klarion go with vandel to apocolaspe? We only saw vandel leave and enter the war world so was anyone else with him?

Greg responds...

I think Ra's response put the Reach off that scent in any case.

I'm not going to go into details about Klarion and Vandal's relationship. Nor about specifics not revealed.

Response recorded on November 13, 2013