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JJ writes...

Hey greg. Quick questions:

1. Does the rest of the team, especially curious about the other original seven, consider Connor 22 or 16 or 6 by Invasion.

2. What about the league, Batman,Superman?

3. Can Beast Boy shift into people like Miss.M or is he limited to animals.

4. Batman of this universe doesn't particularly approve of Barbaras Batgirling yet does he supply her gadgets and suits like he does for his official protegees?

5. Why doesn't the Ambassador just use the control systems he used on Blue and Green Beetle to control Black or atleast stop his lip. It was shown that he could could control multiple scarabs at once.

As always thank you and pass my thanks to Brandon Vetti.

Greg responds...

1. Depends on context.

2. Ditto.

3. Animals.

4. I can't tell if I even agree with the premise of your question.

5. He doesn't have that kind of control over a Warrior Beetle. Only over Scout Beetles.

Response recorded on November 13, 2013