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A Flash Fan writes...

Terribly sorry to ask a few more questions Greg...

1. In the Arctic was it an oversight that the Team, particularly Artemis and Nightwing, were not wearing warmer clothes than their regular costumes? Even for a short time it must have been freezing I think, and they were in warmer costumes in the simulated mission in Failsafe.

2. At the beginning of the Season 2 we learned Superboy did not change externally but internally, however we never heard about it again toward the end. Does he still age in this fashion? Was it just mentioned to add some info or is there something else?

3. Does Superboy not like mirrors because it reminded him too much of how he is yet isn't like Superman, and does he use mirrors in Season2 or eventually?

4. Before you answer the oldest posts do you on occasion look at the latest questions of askGreg? I ask because I understand everyone is expressing their love for Wally, or wants to know
about Darkseid, or some other stuff, but they don't follow the
guidlines to not repeat questions. Do you ever plan onn giving a single post to just stop these ongoinv qustion into one?


Greg responds...

1. There wasn't time to change.

2. Why would it have changed?

3a. Pretty much. Though I don't think he would have articulated it that way.

3b. Don't think he cares much about mirrors one way or another.

4. I don't. I have moderators for a reason, i.e. to protect me legally. It would defeat the purpose if I went ahead and read unmoderated posts.

Response recorded on November 13, 2013