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Finister2 writes...

1) What did Superboy mean when he said he could "relate" to the Appellaxian husk wanting to "end its pain"?
2) Why is Blue Beetle's Scarab incompatible with Apokoliptan tech?
3) How did Psimon know about Batman being "out of the picture" during "Beneath"?
4) Why wasn't Impulse's apocalyptic future completely subverted after what he accomplished in the present?
5) Why did Black Manta want to destroy the Earth-Mars communications satellite?

Greg responds...

1. I'll leave that to your interpretation.

2. Bad mojo?

3. Because he's working for the Light, which had the inside scoop on what was up on Rimbor.


5. The Light wanted it destroyed because it didn't want to further Earth/Mars relations, which might complicate their plan.

Response recorded on November 14, 2013