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j writes...

I have a question about the Reach.

Why exactly do they refer to Humams as "meat"?

Are any of these theories correct?

my own theory:
a) they are insectisoid with exoskeitons, therefore they dont have internal muscles, or "meat" themselves?

possible theory based on Mongul telling Captian Atom (paraphrasing here) "your lucky im killing you now...you dont know what they plan to
do to you":
b) They were going to eat people.

c) Are both of these true?

or d) is it a mistranslation of a word they use in their native language, but has no english equivilent?


Greg responds...

Mostly a. Maybe some b, although that wasn't a priority. So maybe some c. And maybe a little d, while we're at it. But mostly a.

Response recorded on November 14, 2013