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Andrew writes...

It was brought to my attention that you guys had outlined, or at least planned for, a three season story, with each season building off the next. Yet I'm learning that your reception of only twenty episodes for season 2 instead of the desired 26 led to a condensing of content and story; ie. less screen time for certain characters, deleted scenes or dialogues, etc.

I was curious, now that season 2's finale has aired, if you'd be willing to share any episode ideas or deleted scenes from season 2 that didn't get to make the cut due to time constraint or different priorities, much like you did with the Endgame cut lines.

And, because it needs to be said, awesome job on the show guys. Easily the best DC animated show since JLU, and easily in the top five best superhero shows to date. A travesty that it's been cancelled, but I'm grateful we got to see what we did, even if it was cut short.

Greg responds...

I've shared everything significant that was created for Season Two and was actually scripted but got cut for time in an individual episode. It's not like we thought we had 26 while we were making the season. We knew the pickup was for 20 from the moment we got picked up. (Or, more accurately, the original pickup was only a guarantee of 10, but with a likely increase to 20. So we planned for 20.)

Response recorded on November 14, 2013