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A Flash Fan writes...


Thank you again for answering my questions. A few comments I had...

1. When I asked about the grotto and the difference between League and Team members there you said

Greg responds... 1. No. It's about specific circumstances. Keep in mind, these are heroes who are dead (or thought to be, as in the case of Artemis). Nothing on the memorial says HOW they died. By this time, you know how Ted Kord perished -and it wasn't on a Justice League mission. You have no idea yet how Robin or Aquagirl passed. For all you know, the two of them might have been walking down the street in their secret identities, when a piano, a safe and an anvil fell from above. They both dodged the piano and the anvil, but the safe got Jason and then
Tula had a heart attack.

I am sorry, but I just had to say that you made me laugh with the last part! You have great humor and a way of putting things together so accurately... Immediately I thought back to the scene in Alienated where Aqualad is angry at his "former" team for letting Tula die, and I could imagine the scene you described like Nightwing saying "Kaldur they were on a mission and...well Jason got hit by the safe and Tula had a heart attack on their way to Bibbo's..." Anyway I just wanted to thank you...it made my day.

2. You said before the memorials the grotto was used for contemplation by the League? What about...battles? Family? The pizza delivery?

3. What I meant about THE Scene was a moment that could express all about the series in one moment. Like the core or heart of the work. The closest one for me of Season 2 may be when the entire Team gathers and fights in Summit or the very nice panoramic of heroes in Endgame, but for some reason I don't feel it as defined when Superboy and Robin fight Superman and Batman in Season 1. Did that make it a bit clearer?

4. You had reponded to someone else about providing a moral leson is important for you in your shows. I just wanted to thank you for that as well because some Tv today is really bad and doesn't care. It's great but do you think smoking is the worst problem? I totally agree with you but I think there may beother bigger things like war and poverty...well the little things really do make a diference, don't they?

Greg responds...

1. Happy to. (Some fans don't appreciate my sense of humor here quite as much. Glad you did!)

2. The grotto wasn't used for battles or pizza delivery. And Family doesn't gain automatic access to the Cave. But you could eat pizza in the grotto, I guess.

3. I've forgotten what the question is... If you're asking is their one scene that defines the entire season, I'm not sure. My mind doesn't work that way, I suppose. But there are a number of emblematic scenes, including the two you mentioned. Maybe Nightwing's "Business as usual" line?

4. I'm not sure about providing specific moral lessons so much as having a point of view. As for things like WAR and POVERTY, those are very big concepts, and there's not much a cartoon show can do about them EXCEPT have that point of view. But SMOKING is what the network's call an "imitatable action" that I think has serious consequences for impressionable kids. Personally, I have no desire to contribute to the ridiculous notion that smoking is cool.

Response recorded on November 14, 2013