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DanM writes...

PS: Talked so much that I've forgot to ask some questions…
5 - What do you do with your scripts AFTER they've been used (animated or penciled)?
6 - Is there any way for me to get one you did for YJ? (Usually once a year some guys of DC comics come here to Brasil, to scout for new artists, and generally we are told to remake an actual, published script w/ our own style and composition of scenes so they can evaluate not only the art but also how different we've pulled off the said script)

Thanks man (again).

Greg responds...

5. File 'em.

6. Oh, uh. Didn't realize how far away you live. I dunno. I do sell copies of my scripts at the occasional convention, but I've never been invited to a convention in Brazil.

Response recorded on November 25, 2013