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Martianologist writes...

Hi Greg,

First of all, thanks for rounding off a great second season of Young Justice. I know nothing's slated, but I really hope there'll be more to come.
I have one quick question about B'arzz O'oomm (hope I spelled that correctly), also - formerly? - known as Green Beetle.
When he is shown in his natural form, he seems to have both green martian and white martian characteristics (his skin hue seems green, though lighter than J'onn's, and he has the red "x" on his chest which M'gann also sports in her natural form, to name two). Is he a hybrid (I hesitate to say "inter-racial") green/white martian?


~ Martianologist

P.S.: I hope it's not too presumptive of me, but I'd like to wish you and your family a very happy Passover.

Greg responds...

He's green.

Response recorded on December 04, 2013