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Anon the great writes...

Hey Greg! Appreciate all the work you did in the series and hope one day, someone will pick it up for continuation.
Just a few questions:

1. It's obvious Red Arrow and Artemis move around quite a bit when fighting the enemy, my question is how do their arrows stay in their quivers? Magnets maybe?
2. Does Rocket eventually evolve her powers like she did in the comics? In a few issues, she was able to shoot out kinetic energy from her hands.

Greg responds...

1. More of a question for Brandon and/or Phil. I'm not sure. But I believe.

2. Without addressing Rocket specifically, I will say that my general goal was NOT to allow power-bleed. I think many super-heroes have suffered over the years with various writers, artists and editors constantly adding to their power sets, making it almost impossible to challenge them.

Response recorded on December 04, 2013