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NoOneSpecial writes...

1. So its clear that impulse tried to get close to jamie to ensure he didnt turn evil. We saw him be protective of jamie when green beetle was altering his scarab and we saw him be only foucsed on saving jamie after he turned. Obviously he was doing all this to change the future, but to me this makes his friendship with jamie seem artifcial. Does impulse really consider him a close friend? Did impulse care more about the future than he did about about jamie?

2. In regards to the Reach's chain of command, the Ambassidor is the one is charge, while black beetle can take command if deemed nescessary. Where does the Scientist fit into it. What actual authority does she have, when no one actually listens to her?

3. Now i'm a little confused about the treaty between the guardians and the reach. John said that the reach may only lay claim to a world if invited and if that invitation has been revoked, they must leave. The scientist also mentioned that their tempering with the planet would violate the treay, but why? They were offically inviated to the earth and according to this treay are allowed to do whatever they want without interfercne from the green lanterns, so why exactly are they violating the treay if the only tempering they did was WHIlE they were invited? Granted they were tempering with the planet before that, but if the GLs cant prove that this was done before they got their inviation or lost it, why then is it a violation?

Greg responds...

1. How something begins and how it evolves are two separate things.

2. She has authority over the other scientists on that particular Reach Mission. She has no operational authority.

3. They tampered PRIOR to being invited, which is a clear violation. And there was plenty of proof by the end of the season. For example: Blue Beetle.

Response recorded on December 06, 2013