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jrhcl2 writes...

Sorry CN cancelled Young Justice!! I will truly miss the show! Miss Martian and Superboy are my two favorite members of the team and were my favorite couple of the series, too say I was disappointed when they broke up would be a under statement!! I was happy to see in endgame,it seemed like they could be getting back together in the future. Here my question? This is something that has been bugging me the whole second season!! Why did she do it?? Why did Miss Martian try to make Superboy forget he was mad at her for abusing her powers!! Why did she do it???

Greg responds...

She was careless with her powers and careless of their relationship. I won't try to defend it, but I also see how she could have gotten there by taking things for granted that she shouldn't have and by letting her growing agility with her powers go to her head.

Response recorded on December 06, 2013