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Anonymous writes...

Hello again! Before my questions, I'd like to make sure of something. It
is my understanding that both Oberon and Titania [poor spelling, I know)
live on Earth in human form for around 1001 years correct, OK, since that is
out of the way, on with the questions! (

1) Has Oberon's human form been shown to us yet?

2) If so, is he a main, suppoting, or minor role?

3) I know Puck chose the fore of Owen after seeing Vogel. What did he appear as before that?

4) Did Owen, Oberon, or Titania ever change forms?

5) Does Oberon's non - interference law apply to himself?

6) I know at least Owen con not [so far at least], but could a Fay use magic, either human or Fay, while taking on a human form. For example, could Oberon's human self be a sorcerer? In reality, human - Oberon is *real* human [it is only a self created counterpart], however would he still be considered a Fay?

7) If he could use magic, how much weaker would he be than on Avalon? I know Avalon made the Magus even stronger, so what wuldhe opposite effect be? Oberon did not seem to hindered in the Gathering, at least.

2) And I know this has been asked, but not to recently what happened to the Magus?

Greg responds...

Note: I was going to give some goofy April Fool's Day responses
here, but I had a vision of them all getting quoted out of context.
Shudder. So here's with the straight answers. Or at any rate, as
straight as I ever am.

1. We've seen Oberon looking human in "The Gathering, Part
One". But I wouldn't assume he's only ever taken one form.

2. What do you mean? Oberon's a recurring character.

3. Lots of things.

4. Yeah. (Am I missing something here?)

5. Yes, but he interprets that law.

6a. In theory, sure. But why bother?

6b. I don't understand the question.

7. Ditto.

2. (Don't ask me why this was numbered 2.) He died.
(GDW / 4-1-98)

Response recorded on April 01, 1998