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nygma619 writes...

Hey Greg, questions about Young Justice:

I know your probably sick about being asked about Wally's fate, and I can understand that.
Anyways I'd be lying if I said that my favorite characters death in Endgame was a storytelling choice that sat well with me. It's not so much the concept behind it, everyone dies eventually. What bothered me the most is the fact that I felt Wally as a character, still had plenty of mileage you could've gotten out of him in many ways. Whether it's his relationship with Artemis, being the science guy the league goes to, his dynamics with other characters, a guy you can always count on to get a laugh from. But a HUGE one that disappoints me is him not taking up the Flash mantle. And considering you've said that this show is about growing up (along with secrets and lies), I found it baffling that you guys never tackled what is probably considered the most iconic sidekick to main hero mantle evolution ever in DC Comics (Wally going from Kid Flash to Flash); I would've thought THAT would've been something that would've fit like a duck in water on this show, not to mention it never being done in animation. Heck, Impulse being faster than Wally wouldn't have bothered me that much if that was used as an insecurity for Wally to overcome WHILE as Flash.
But it was not to be for some reason. :( Which brings me to my questions:
I'm not sure IF you'll be able to answer these qestions but nothing ventured, nothing gained right?
1.) Was Wally's evolution to becoming the Flash ever considered at all when producing the show?
2.) If not, was DC ever willing to let you kill off Barry Allen and put Wally in his role or not?

It just seems like a waste to kill off a character who had plenty left to give, and one that probably has the widest range of emotions at that. Especially given that his time as the Flash is as much a core truth to Wally's character, as Nightwing was to Dick Grayson's character. But even IF becoming Flash was never in the cards, I still feel he could've taken up another persona.

You guys closing the door on him felt like you guys saying that he had no stories left to tell for the future beyond season 2. Which is a REALLY BITTER PILL to swallow given Wally West's rich 51 year history to draw from.

I'm not saying the death was illogical or made no sense, just that it feels like him being alive could've proven more useful in the near future than him as dead. But obviously that didn't happen. :(

Greg responds...

By the time Impulse shows up, I don't think Wally is still all that insecure about not being as fast as Barry.

1. Lots of things were considered, at least briefly.

2. DC was willing to do this. The choice was mine and Brandon's.

Generally, ANY character is more useful dead than alive. If that were the criteria, no character would ever die.

Response recorded on December 09, 2013