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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg,
Well , sad to see the end of what was an overall great series. I do wish it could have gotten another season. So many dangling threads/plots. But you guys know that.

I saw the finale and gotta say this was the weakest episode of the entire series. I know there was rush to try to give some resolution but it felt meh. It was rushed and many things shoe horned. It fell flat for a finale. You seemed to want to do fan service too but again some things fell short and were baffling.

The killing of Wally...okay he might not be dead knowing you...but still the best couple in the show end up torn asunder.

The worse couple took up precious time that could have been used to do something else and that is Superboy and Miss Martian. Them being lawyers to get the JL off was really lame. So Icon could not have done that? Superboy suffered in season two. What great development we could have had with him was stunted and he simply became the sad whipped pining boyfriend of a girl who frankly did not deserve to get him back. I don't think that relationship did much for Superboy.

The Tim/Cassie reveal was the most baffling move. This show seems to do a lot of shipping but at least I would understand if there was some hint or chemisty. Cassie and Jaime were the most obvious pair up. Diverse guys can't get the cute alpha girl no more than 'ugly' ones like Lagaan is the unfortunate message I see here. For a show aimed at kids I would have preferred if we could have pushed some forward thinking ground.

The Lex virus was way too convenient and the JL just being off world seemed such a waste of time. Why have a JL though if these kids can do everything? The show did pander at times to the young team.

Kaldur I must say was one of the best characters and you did his arc well. His tie up could have been the finale...how better it was done than End Game. Artemis was another character as Jaime who were well developed. I liked the younger kids but they seemed to just take a lot of time away from the team. It just at times seem too packed and too expansive for such a short time. I know it is a chance to let others shine but the pacing suffered. Your villains were all great but best villain has to be Black Beetle. Seriously sir. Well done. I dread when this guy is around. I hope DC does more with him.

Anyway overall a big A. But C for the finale.

Greg responds...

Sorry the finale didn't work for you.

Response recorded on December 18, 2013