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Paul writes...

Pressed the m button there when I was going for the comma, sorry about that! I do have two more questions though:

1) In "Endgame", how did the Justice League get back to Earth so quickly after being cleared of the charges? And whichever method they used for their return to Earth, why didn't they use that means when they were leaving Earth in "Alienated"?

2a) I was thinking about Vandal Savage threatening Rimbor with the Warworld earlier in the episode... Why didn't he carry out that threat?

2b) Why didn't Savage want the League to return to Earth? Did he not want them to help drive the Reach off-world?

Greg responds...

1. They used the same method to go and to return, i.e. they flew in a Green Lantern generated starship.

2a. Why would he? The threat was he'd attack if they attacked Earth. They didn't.

2b. He didn't need them for that. He wanted them convicted. Whether or not they returned to Earth didn't matter as much to him.

Response recorded on December 18, 2013